Monthly Payment Scheme

Denplan2013LogoRGBWe have a choice of Denplan Easy Monthly Payment Schemes. All plans include 24 hour emergency  cover both home and abroad 365 days a year.

Denplan Care

Denplan Care is a monthly payment plan which helps you pay for your routine and restorative dental treatment

Patients need to be dentally fit before registering on this product therefore, if you have had an examination recently an assessment will still be necessary in order to determine the correct category.

Cat A Cat B Cat C Cat D Cat E
£17.47 £27.96 £31.60 £39.26 £43.63

Includes all necessary routine dental treatment including:–
Exams, hygiene appointments, x/rays, any necessary fillings including root fillings, routine extractions, crowns, bridges, dentures and inlays, out of hours emergency cover

Excludes – Lab bills, referrals, dental implants, orthodontics, treatment that is not clinically necessary, cosmetic treatment

Your dentist will confirm your monthly fee after your first consultation.

Denplan Essentials

The Denplan Essentials Plan includes Exams, hygiene appointments, x/rays and 15% off any treatment.

Fee code A Fee code B Fee code C Fee code D Fee code E
£14.50 £20.28 £27.79 £28.38 £37.26
1x exams / 2x H1 2x exams / 2x H1 2x exams / 2x H2 2x exams / 4x H1 2x exams / 4x H2

Includes Exams, hygiene appointments, x/rays and 15% off any treatment.

Excludes  Referrals, dental implants and orthodontics.

Your dentist will confirm your monthly fee after your first consultation.

Plans for Children and Students

5yrs to 10yrs 10 yrs to 18yrs 18 yrs to 23yrs in full-time education
£7.43 £9.77 £12.50

Includes all necessary routine dental treatment including:
Exams, hygiene appointments, x/rays, fillings, routine extractions and oral health advice.

The contract is subject to a four month registration period

Supplementary Insurance is Included

What’s included in the cover:

  • Emergency dental treatment when away from your own dentist
  • Treatment following a dental injury
  • Out of hours consultation for a dental emergency or dental injury
  • Hospital cash benefit
  • Overseas emergency dental treatment
  • Mouth cancer cover

What’s not included in the cover:

  • Dental treatment which was prescribed, planned or taking place at the start of your Supplementary Insurance
  • Emergency dental treatment within 40 miles of your registered dentist
  • Permanent treatment in a dental emergency that is not pre-authorised by Denplan
  • Dental injury from contact sports unless using appropriate mouth protection
  • Implants (unless you registered for Dental Implant Upgrade Cover), cosmetic treatment or any treatment not deemed to be clinically necessary
  • Mouth cancer diagnosed, or where consultation and tests commenced, before or within 90 days of joining Denplan

Our Fees

Treatment Price (From - £) Price (£)
Routine Patient Examination 51
New Patient Consultation 59
Bitewing x-rays 32
Single x-ray 18
New patient hygienist 82
Routine hygienist 52
Tooth coloured filling 84 192
Tooth-whitening from 275
Root canal treatment 298 475
Fissure sealant (per tooth) 25
Extraction 102 145
Crown 475 640
Porcelain veneer 620
Bridge from 1,275
Dentures - acrylic 620 1,050
Dentures - chrome 790 1,390
Tooth-coloured inlay from 465
Sports mouthguard (coloured) from 70
Emergency call-out - adult 130
Emergency call-out - child 80
Orthodontics (teeth straightening) from 1,380
Clear braces (Invisalign) from 1,580
Anti-snoring appliance 280
Children's Fees
Examination child (0-5 years) FREE
Examination child (5yrs to 9yrs) 35
Examination child 10yrs to 17yrs 42
Hygienist appointment (Child) 35
Tooth coloured filling (Child) 65
Root Canal Treatment 95
Extraction 60
X-Ray 16
Out of Hours Call Out 80