Coronavirus (CoVid-19) Update

CoVid-19 Update – 15th June 2020

COVID-19 Patient Attendance Procedure

Please download our Attendance Procedure document which outlines the procedure for attending the dental practice, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us prior to your appointment by telephone, 01926 423563 or by email,

Remember: if you would like to purchase any dental sundries, please let us know in advance of your appointment so that we can prepare them for you.

Warmest regards,

The Grove Practice

CoVid-19 Update – 15th June 2020

To all our patients,

You may have seen on yesterday’s announcements, The Chief Dental Officer has now announced that dental practices across England will be allowed to begin the re-opening process for face to face dental care from Monday 8 June.

As always, our priority remains the well being of our patients and our team. As such, we will only be reopening once we are satisfied that we have all of the necessary processes and personal protective equipment in place.

We are working hard to complete our preparation in order to re-open as soon as possible and we will continue to update you at each step. Due to the additional measures we are putting in place and the change in working practices that is necessitated due to COVID-19, our opening date will not be the 8th June.

We will open with a phased approach and prioritise appointments initially to those in pain, have experienced problems during the lockdown period and have been waiting for urgent or essential care. We will contact you to book your appointment soon, please be re-assured we have not forgotten about you.

If you have experienced a problem, or need advice please contact us by emailing or calling 01926 423563.

We share the frustrations that these unprecedented times have caused our patients and are determined to return to providing you with dental care as soon as we can and we do not envisage it being much longer than the announced date.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and support, we’re nearly there!
We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Warmest regards,

The Grove Practice

CoVid-19 Update -16th April 2020

To all our patients and our local community.

It’s been almost three weeks since we last communicated with you about the impact of COVID-19 on the practice and the services we can offer. Sadly since that time, we’ve all borne witness to how the coronavirus has impacted our health service, our families, our communities and our very way of life. Amongst all of this, we’ve been heartened by the moments of triumph in everyday acts of courage, humanity and love. We have seen our community come together stronger than ever and this is what keeps us optimistic that no matter how tough it gets, we will all get through this time.

We are writing today to update you on the current state of play in dentistry and how we can continue to help you as a practice and how we are focused on helping you and the community.


We are here to help you

We wanted to let you know that we are still here for you for any advice, urgent or non-urgent, and for queries about anything really – even if it is to ask about simple oral health tips or let us know how you are doing.

We are continuing to provide telephone advice for any dental emergencies. The current guidance and need for social distancing means that we are at the moment unable to provide any treatment. There are currently Urgent Dental Care Centres being set up at a local level. Should the need arise for you to have dental treatment to stabilise any urgent problems which are causing extreme pain, a risk of an infection, or swelling then we may need to direct you to one of these centres. Our on-duty dentist will be answering calls, and you can find details of how to call Upen, Viren or Harmeet when dialling the usual practice number on 01926 423 563 . We can also organise a video consultation if it works better for you in your scenario. There will of course be no fee for any of these services.

If you are in the middle of treatment, we will get in touch to check how you are getting on. We are here for you wherever we can be at this difficult time.


In the Community

As we speak to our colleagues in the medical profession, watch the news and read articles unfold about this unprecedented event, it’s clear to see that we need to help and support our healthcare workers and community caregivers working on the frontline fighting for us all. It’s important that we direct our resources and focus to these areas. What’s struck me the most is how supportive the dental community in Warwickshire has been, either individually or collectively how we have been able to help those in need.

As all dental practices are closed, we have also started an advice forum on Facebook for patients in the Warwickshire area and even at a wider level by creating a platform for free dental advice (MyOnlineDentist).

At the early stages of the lockdown, the practice donated some of our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to pharmacies and local hospitals and we have continued to do so as the need arises. We have also donated FFP3
ventilator masks to consultants at the University Coventry & Warwickshire and helped Warwickshire Hospital get in touch with other dentists who are able to donate PPE.

Our team are working behind the scenes on how they can help in their own local areas from donations of toothpaste, food and toiletries to local food banks and care homes, to helping those who are vulnerable or shielding with simple things like delivering groceries. If you know someone in need, or vulnerable who needs help or if you would like to help with donations or in any other way, please get in touch with us. We are in this together.


Oral Hygiene Products for our vulnerable patients

If you are, or have a family member that is self isolating, shielding, or in a vulnerable category, please get in touch with us if you need any oral hygiene products whether its a simple manual toothbrush, some interdental brushes or toothpaste. We will deliver this to you free of charge.


Updates and advice

We are providing regular updates and oral health tips on social media, including advice on what to do with particular dental problems. You can also contact us directly also through Facebook, Instagram or via dentist’s email address – Click on the links below:

Website –

Instagram –

Facebook –

If you have any general questions about your dental health or just need some advice, please feel free to contact our dentists by emailing :

Tips for managing dental problems at home during COVID-19 (attached)

We have created a great advice pack for you and your family to help manage most dental problems, with simple advice on things you can do at home to help. Of course, if you need to talk to us, please get in touch. We will make
these available on Facebook, Instagram and our website as well.


Cross Infection Control

The biggest reassurance that we can provide is that this is already our strength. As a profession, and certainly as a practice, we have always adopted strict cross-infection control measures and it is something that our team are used to doing on a daily basis. When we come back, the world will be a little bit different and so please do not be alarmed if we have adopted additional protocols to what you are normally used to as we are sure there will be a transitional period as services start to re-open but risks of transmission may still be there at a low level.


What are you doing

Whilst it’s the right thing to do, staying at home and getting used to a new routine can be tough! For me finding a structure at home has been difficult as my role has always been so hands on. The power of social media and video
conferencing software has become the ‘new norm’ for meeting friends and families. Even our team meetings have continued but on Zoom. We would love to hear about what you have been doing in this time, whether it’s learning a new skill or volunteering, we would love to hear about it. Share your stories with us on Instagram or Facebook, let’s continue to give our superheroes some positivity, encouragement and above all thanks.


When we come back

Yes we will get through this and we will be back. We are looking forward to seeing you again and doing what we love most! As the days continue to unfold we will continue to monitor the guidance from the Chief Dental Officer, the British Dental Association and Public Health England and we are committed to re-establishing a full service as quickly as we can. If you have had an appointment that has been cancelled during this period, your  appointments will be rescheduled when we are able to re-open, we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible. We may need to prioritise appointments initially for those who need urgent care and those in the middle of treatment. We are also looking at providing additional clinical sessions to ensure there is adequate availability and we are able to continue to spend the time we need with you. If you have experienced a problem please let the team know when we book your appointment so that we can book additional time for you.


Thank you

It’s been fantastic talking to many of you over the phone personally, either helping through problems or giving simple advice. We would be lying if we said that this time was not difficult, as it has been for everyone, but we  should remember that it has been even more so for those on the front line managing patients with Coronavirus. We want to say thank you to you for simply staying with us and for your patience during this time.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home,

From everyone of us from The Grove Practice

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