Dr Upen Vithlani’s Challenge – Ten 10kms and the Edinburgh marathon

Dr Upen Vithlani has set himself a challenge to run at least ten 10km runs and a marathon in 10 months in aid of Operation Smile.

£1,474 raised of £3,000 target

(checked on 20 December 2016 – for latest progress visit my JustGiving page)



March 2016

tSilverstone Half Marathon

After a series of 10km runs..it was time to double up and try my first half marathon. And what a place to do it! Silverstone is a great venue for a run, so many runners keeping everyone going and a great way to see the pits close up! Despite how it may look on TV, it is not flat! There were some difficult inclines, especially on the last 5km.

The challenge for me was to keep focused and experience running long distances without boredom striking. Amazing though how helpful a bit motivational music and sunshine can be! Overall though, made it with a reasonable time – onwards ! Thanks for sponsoring all.

December 2015

tBradgate 10km

Definitely the hardest 10km I’ve ever run! After a half marathon the week before, a streak of naivety was my downfall on this one. The famous Old John Tower – otherwise know as ‘the big hill’ growing up lived up to its name.

The organisers placed the last steep incline at the end of the first loop, which meant the last 500m was a climb ! Fantastic setting, and some really really challenging inclines on not so easy terrain. Loved every minute of it though…(well almost!).

October 2015

tWelcombe Wobbler 10k – Stratford-upon-Avon

“The steepness of the hills really surprised me, but after one lap you know whats coming, which has positives and negatives!

A fun but a hard run!”


September 2015

tRun for Rotary 10k – Draycote

“Running around a fabulous place like Draycote has always been a fun run for me, but I must say – on this occasion it was a tough run in some surprisingly warm, morning sunshine.

For the first time though, running for a cause helped push hard to the end and get a reasonable time, frustratingly only a short squeeze from a 10k PB!”

Please help me change a child’s life.

Operation Smile is an international children’s medical charity which provides free reconstructive surgery for children and young adults born with facial deformities, predominately cleft lips and cleft palates. Clefts are the 3rd most common birth defect worldwide and it is estimated that a baby is born with a cleft every 3 minutes affecting their ability to breathe, eat, drink and speak.

Operation Smile

Here in the UK, most cleft cases are repaired in the first year of a child’s life, however in the developing world, over 75% of cleft cases go untreated. A child born with a cleft has twice the odds of dying before their first birthday which can be avoided with an operation that can take just 45 minutes and cost £150.

Just £15 can pay for the antibiotics for 10 children’s operations. See what else your donation could provide:

  • £150 will pay for one child’s surgery
  • £100 will equip a pre-op paediatric Centre
  • £45 will pay for medical supplies for a child’s surgery
  • £30 will pay for IV starter kits for 25 children
  • £15 will pay for antibiotics for 10 children

Please give generously and donate now to help me give more children a smile that will last forever.


I have set an ambitious fundraising target of £3000 to change the lives of 20  children.

upen vithlani - Operation Smile

Image credit: Rotary Club of Southam 2000 

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Image credits: Rotary Club of Southam 2000